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The tide of searing pains pouringspewing from deep wounds 

dagger turning on the axis

of daily sublimation

to my high standards 

has shown to bring 

my happiness levels down

Letting Go of the Pain

Awakening Journey


During emotional release of the pain from our past emotional histories, we experience many level of emotions from anger, hurt, sadness, despair, loneliness, agony, or pain too difficult to even express in words.  The depth of this pain is like a bottomless pit of how much emotions we have repressed and denied to ourselves in our lives. These are the emotions buried deep within our energy bodies and chakras, and hidden beneath the visibility of our every day life.

I have been releasing this pain for two and half years now, sometimes every day I release a little more.  I know there is an end when the tears run dry and the grief and despair no longer control me.  Coming to terms with our lives and its reality begin the process of tapping into this pain that must be released in order to heal the blockages stored in our energy…

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Now This is Living


riding the crest

I will not fail

to thrive



determines my life

my will

I will

embody happiness

: to give a body to (a spirit)

Sista Starbird

Check out this website I found at LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Dancing Fool, Thriving Survivor, spiritual surfer, truth seeker, cosmic clown… MY TRIBE IS rainbow burners diversifying creativity shiny spirits revel in mortality dancing in paradox joyously radical REVOLUTIONISTS Anti-Capitalist-anarchist-artists radical feminists bold intelligence fearless style shining smiles playful souls surrender control to the highest power of LOVE PEOPLE THAT KNOW THAT WE ARE SPIRITS IN BODIES! Authentic, genuine, honest, real, people! Down to earth! Growing, loving beings!

Idle No More…

I need a new home in Bellingham!


I will not give in to tyranny
I am no longer afraid
I refuse to be oppressed by another
or even by my own fears
especially by fear
I will not leave from fear of you behaving badly
I will stand up for myself
I refuse to give up my home
due to:
temper tantrums

I’m not backing down or leaving
but you will leave me alone
my life is not your business
I just live here
and you will let me live
I am gonna live anyway
anything else is your problem
not mine