ego filled arrogence
is all I've recieved
in this shipwreck of a marriage
he still acts like hes carried me
yet he can't do anything but his "work"
when actually he doesn't know how many times
I see him sitting on his ass playing solitare
like I owe him for feeding me
his spirit cut off
in a childs selfishness
rather keep me caged
than set me free

I tried to leave tonnight
packing up most precious things
strained my back
carrying boxed poetry
my car is parked down the stairs
under branches I carried things
ducking holding strong
until I just bent wrong
sick from this strain
of trying to make nice
when really my hearts as cold as ice
cracking glacier
sinking ship
I look back and laugh
call this time the sinking
of Titanic

but he is no titan only a man
with the depth of a child
and none of the laughter
and I thought this would be
happilly ever after
I was kidding myself
didn't care any more
as the only man I really loved
passed on to the other side
I feel him with me even now
that was a true marriage vow

not this farce this lame production
time to exit stage left gracefully
it's all I can do to not rage at him

his closed spririt ego engulfed
childishness yet no innocence
just arrogance

love speaks in deeds not words
he sure did have me fooled
but I am no fool
I'm done with this school
of logical mating
it never works out

out is all I need
to stand on my own two feet
never again will I give in
to someone else's supposed
love for me

I trust my heart now
way above my head

Posted via email from Andrea Starbird