So I used to be a model. Skin care became an important part of that, having someone doing your make up is actually a very intimate experience, especially if they have to cover things up!. I have never had what you would call “good” skin. I have had under eye circles since puberty, then came the acne (oh God) and it was bad. I have had sun damage, acne, flaky patches, and now under eye puffiness and (gasp!) wrinkles. I am forty five and I have many allergies and very sensitive skin. This is day one of trying a new skin care line. I got some samples from a friend and have been doing research on line about the products and the company. So here is a pic of me this morning with NO MAKEUP on. As much as I like to look good on line, I have to let it go for this. As I have gotten older and tried many over the counter skin care products and nothing has really helped, many have made my skin much worse. So her is me at day zero before using any of the sample products.

As you can see, its all there, sun damage, puffy dark circles, a bit of wrinkling around the eyes and yes of course some acne.

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