Ok, I started using the skin care line last night, I used a cleanser, toner, eye-cream and night time moisturizer. I could feel a difference in the texture of my skin right away and now by morning, the puffiness around my eyes is certainly reduced. My skin feels smooth, and firmer especially around the jawline. I am doing this because I am a skeptic, because I wanna see the pictures to have a better perspective about before and after, proof for myself. Because most of all I am very frugal, I will not buy anything until I know it works, if I can. I am tired of trying different brands and having nothing but bad results. I really do want to get back into Women’s size modeling, when I was 17-20 I was the highest paid model in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the women that I worked with where in there 30’s. Women’s size modeling is a very different niche. I am still in good shape and people tell me I look younger than I am so I am gonna go for it. I recently had a good photo shoot and will have another one soon with the fascinating Connie Servative! I look forward to going in with nicer skin, yeah..

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