I have been crying all day

It started with nighmares and flashbacks

I am still very sick with bronchitus

I couldn’t wake up, I almost didn’t want to

My Mother was a child molesting drunk

she is dead now and I am glad

she will never hurt anyone again


My youngest daughter was taken from me when she was 4 1/2

by my ex mother in -law who didn’t even know me

she wanted my daughter before she was even born

demanded visitation rightw while I was still nursing!

It broke me and my little family of girls

we couldn’t even say her name out loud for a long time

I moved back to washington to fight for custody

I learned there is only justice for those that have the big bucks to pay lawyers (liars)

She is turning 21 now and out of her grandmothers house and clutches


We havn’t all been together in 12 years?

It’s going to happen at the end of this month

this will be my Mothers day

to see my beautiful daughters laughing together again!

knowing this will keep me going

and going up to washington at the end of the month


My daughters are amazing

I love them with all my broken heart

I   live near my oldest

I miss her little sisters

I need to be closer to them

because my heart is breaking



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