So I was just there a few days ago for 9 days, They helped me more than I could even explain I have my mind back from an acute schizzo affective bout of paranoia.

If it wasn’t for there services I may not be alive today, and enjoying every breath! The staff there is amazing the are truly caring and nurturing.

People seek mental health assistance for a variety of reasons; for themselves or their families; for home or work relationship issues; for feeling uncomfortable or on edge; for personal tragedy, long-lasting discouragement, or depression; for child or teen behavior or discipline issues, and many other reasons.

Sutter Health offers a wide range of behavioral health services to ensure that our patients and communities have access to help when they need it. Our network includes six dedicated behavioral health facilities that offer a complete range of child, adolescent and adult services. Services span a spectrum of care from marriage counseling to chemical dependency programs. Treatment can take place in outpatient offices, clinics or in psychiatric hospitals.

Locations of Mental Health Services


The program of groups, goal setting, art therapy, excellent Doctors and lot’s of just plane TLC helped me back to myself. I would say that is one of the most profound service ever. I can’t bare to see this program go under.

So, if you have ever been there or know anyone that has or you care about mental health in general please help. Any and all advice, willing to help organize or any help at all please leave a comment or write to me @

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