What is Bisexuality?

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Question: What is Bisexuality?
Answer: Bisexuality is the ability to be attracted to both men and women. Bisexuals are not necessarily equally attracted to both sexes. Bisexuality is an sexual orientation, just as heterosexuality and homosexuality are.

Sexual activity does not “make” a person bisexual. Many people engage in same-sex activity who identify as straight. Likewise, many lesbian women have sex with men and later come out as lesbian.

To be bisexual is to know that you are romantically, sexually and emotionally able to have relationships with both men and women.


So where”sthe roadmap?

how do I get a date with a woman. Here I am in the gay capatol

in the world and i can’t seem to get a date with a woman.

Maybe being in awe of them so deeply, causes my mind to stop completey.

Also I have a man and he is good to me and I do love him, does that then mean how do we get a date?

am I afraid that makes me a slut to want to have a goddess to worship.

is this so abnormal.

AM i ashamed that people will think I’m a toatal perver or what?


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