So I used to be a model. Skin care became an important part of that, having someone doing your make up is actually a very intimate experience, especially if they have to cover things up!. I have never had what you would call “good” skin. I have had under eye circles since puberty, then came the acne (oh God) and it was bad. I have had sun damage, acne, flaky patches, and now under eye puffiness and (gasp!) wrinkles. I am forty five and I have many allergies and very sensitive skin. This is day one of trying a new skin care line. I got some samples from a friend and have been doing research on line about the products and the company. So here is a pic of me this morning with NO MAKEUP on. As much as I like to look good on line, I have to let it go for this. As I have gotten older and tried many over the counter skin care products and nothing has really helped, many have made my skin much worse.

So skin care experiment #2 after using the products for one day.


By morning, the puffiness around my eyes is certainly reduced. My skin feels smooth, and firmer especially around the jawline. I am doing this because I am a skeptic, because I wanna see the pictures to have a better perspective about before and after, proof for myself. Because most of all I am very frugal, I will not buy anything until I know it works, if I can. I am tired of trying different brands and having nothing but bad results. I really do want to get back into Women’s size modeling, when I was 17-20 I was the highest paid model in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the women that I worked with where in there 30’s. Women’s size modeling is a very different niche. I am still in good shape and people tell me I look younger than I am so I am gonna go for it

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