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1.) Fight by mutual consent: Don’t insist on a fight at a time when one of you can’t handle this type of strain. A good fight demands two ready and capable participants. 2.) Stick to the present: Don’t dredge up past mistakes and faults about which you can do nothing. 3.) Stick to the subject: Limit this fight to this subject. Don’t throw every other problem into it; take them one at a time or at different times. 4.) Don’t hit below the belt: In your lives together you discover each others sensitive areas. Don’t throw them at each other! 5.) Don’t quit; work it out: Bring the fight to a mutual conclusion. Otherwise, it is most likely to resurface again and again. Closure is imperative. 6.) Don’t try to win, EVER: If one wins, the other loses and begins to build resentment within the relationship. This destroys, rather than builds the relationship. 7.) Respect crying Crying is a valid response to how we feel, but don’t let crying sidetrack you. Crying is a valid response for both men and women. 8.) No Violence