John Lennon. Thinking about revolutionaries lately. Listening to John telling it like it is. There are so many subjects still regarded as politically incorrect to address. Bigotry towards people of different cultures and or ancestry, skin color, the class consciousness,  clicks that people fall into. Thinking only people that are like them are right, not understanding that we are all facets of truth if shown with light or with darkness we have so much to learn when our hearts our minds our spirits are open petals of the flower of love, the flower of life itself is an unfolding journey of discovery. Let us approach those that are different that us with curiosity instead of duality? Instead of standing with stubborn pride in the belief of our righteousness. Look I’m just saying, humility is the beginning of all wisdom. Our existence hangs in the balance of us cooperating as one world or we are going down. So cut the crap calm down with the self righteousness children we all need to get along and not only understand but truly love!  We NEED to revel and enjoy our differences and stop feeding  greed machine, take DOWN the plutocratic monster that is wealthiest  owning most of everything, conglomerates are rotting form the inside out. Change is in the air let us stay alert, to the importance of truth being much more necessary than the false justifications of our need to be right.