Bass Time Continuum

When: Second and Fourth Friday of every month, 9 p.m.
Price: $5, free before 10 p.m.

Whether or not you’re infatuated with dubstep as a medium, it’s hard to dispute the creativity of Lotus Drops, a DJ who treats each mix as though it were a genuine sound installation, rather than wallpaper for a dance club. Most of Lotus’ mixes have a devisable narrative arc – beginning, say, with a low thrum of strings that leads to a glitchy snare-and-kick beat, which gets more and more complicated. Sound effects accrue until they eventually blur out the drum pattern. Altogether, Lotus seems more concerned with texture than groove. But that’s part of her appeal. She’ll spin this week at Bass Time Continuum, a dubstep event that also features sets by Energy Alchemist, Bitch Plz, Benito, and Mr. Rise. Israeli artist Shoresh will be painting live. At Club Six (60 Sixth St., San Francisco) Friday, April 8, 9 p.m. Free before 10 p.m., or $5 thereafter.

— Rachel Swan