“Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.”

W. Clement Stone



Apparrently common sense is not so common.

It makes sense to me to take care of my soul above all else.

It is the center of our being, is it not?


Become aware of the condition of your spirit and make adjustments as needed.

We take good care of our bodies do we not?

Our bodies are the temple of our spirits.

How much more important is the spirit?

Be centered in your spirit, which is the seed of the creator inside of YOU

Spiritual depravety is destroying the earth,

our mother,

life itself is hanging in the balance.

We can only improve our own spiritual condition.

This is our obligation and joy to be a part of the revolution/evolution

We know drastic changes are on the horizon

so keep your spririt clean and do the right thing

this is what we can do to save the human race

get centered in integrity and truth

and save your ass cause it looks like

the greed ship is goin DOWN!