Consciousness arises from a broken heart

beating the heartbeat drum

onward and upward I will fly

on the gossamer wings of spirit

into the sun

into the sun

christ consciousness

bursting through and into

washing away fear

the enemy of love


I have made more space now

room to breathe

room to spread my wings

the cacoon falls away

no longer needed I say goodbye

goodbye to Mama’s voice telling me I can’t

I fly to brighter skys

eyes of spirit adjusting

pupils open further

I know that I am worth it


I hold my inner child

enfold her in my arms

I am my own Mama

a good and loving one

I allow her grief

and help her let it go

so she can dance and sing

in the light of day

in the bright of play


a new era springs forth

bubbling up from the depths

bursting forth alive and renewed

alive to the morning dew

you are me and I am you

whole once again

like I never was before

alive she cried

I am a phoenix rising

onward and upward

riding the sacred spiral

on the dawn of a new day