I have been to few Rezs and know how it is. Why are Native Americans still treated like war criminals! It’s insanity, the largest genocide ever committed in the history of humanity. The children of indigenous peoples do NOT have the same opportunities. When will this war end? We must do what we can to have all people treated equally.

This info is about Canadian indigenous peoples but it is true for native American in The U. S.

About 7 Ways to Make a Difference for First Nations Kids

1 in 4 First Nations kids graduate from high school.

There are more First Nations kids in the child welfare system than there were at the height of residential schools by a factor of 3.

And yet, the federal government gives less funding for critical services to these children.

There are solutions to these problems and equitable funding would help make those solutions a reality for First Nations kids.

1. Be A Witness
2. Sign Jordan’s Principle
3. Support Shannen’s Dream
4. Sign the Touchstones of Hope
5. Engage Young People
6. Many Hands One Dream
7. Make a Donation

1. Equity in funding for children’s services on reserves

2. A belief in community based solutions

3. A belief that every Canadian can make a difference