Brother Bhaktananda

Brother Bhaktananda, a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda from 1939 until his passing in 2005, was the minister of the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple for thirty-five years. Brother Bhaktananda was well known for recommending the “Peace and Harmony” prayer to anyone wishing to heal a relationship of any kind. Here is the essence of his instructions:

Visualize the person or people who hurt you, and mentally surround them in divine light.

Then deeply pray, “Lord, fill them with peace and harmony, peace and harmony, peace and harmony,” over and over, for a minute.

Afterward, visualize yourself in divine light and pray, “Lord, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony,” for fifteen seconds.

Do this five times a day, and you will see a change come over those who you’re praying for.

Brother Bhaktananda had many stories of people who came up to him to say what a difference this prayer had made in their relationships. The results were often nothing short of phenomenal.

In an earlier post, I wrote of a similar way to turns adversaries into allies. In another post, I offered a personal story about the power of always choosing love. While both these posts involve sending people love and light while in their presence, Brother Bhaktananda’s “Peace and Harmony” prayer is more powerful and proactive.

May this prayer work for you and may peace and harmony be your dearest friends!

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