I will be busking from 1pm till 2 or so in front of The Public market @ 1530 Cornwall Ave. Suite 101, Bellingham, WA. Stop by have a listen, help a Sista out. I am currently homeless and in need of some money to go to Ashland and pick up things from storage and for a deposit on an apt. when I find one. I will need a home/room in September for around $500 a month. I am on disability and have guaranteed income and am clean and fairly quiet.

  •  I am looking for any odd jobs in town. Also new friends! I am a very good gardener, seamstress, house cleaner and an excellent experienced baby sitter… or whatever else I could do? I am a tree huggin hippie and I hope we can meet some day. If you hear of anything I could do please let me know. I wish you a peaceful love filled day Namaste’ oh and I play music https://www.facebook.com/SisterStarbird


    Born from a long line of Sioux medicine women, of the bird clan. Mixed with Viking blood. To form this being. I am Sister Starbird of the Rainbow Nation. I am an artist. I am a vehicle of Divinity/Humanity. I do not write songs, they come through me.

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