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all in good timing

when it seems that all goes wrong

take a deep breath and find your song

pause refreshing


releasing grief

enter a new life

soon enough

I’ve had it rough

but tides do turn

and it now the time

for me you see

God’s timing

might be different than mine

but I trust there is a reason

for every season

no matter what

my gray matter says

I trust the universe!

*P*E*A*C*E* AND *L*O*V*E*

I have sold some art along the way
most of the time given away
visions of loveliness for my friends
inspirations brought to life

some have come from deep inside
where darkness rules and children cry
no one is there to hear their tears
I have lived with this pain for too many  years

this is how I let it go
through art and music and whatever flows

this is how I find  my peace
working through creativity

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