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Such a Lovely Lady no-one would have ever guessed what kind of monster/mother she would be to her own daughters!


Feeling very down today

the past gets in my way

sadness pain and anger

will not let me go

I let go of them

and there is always more

when I think I have remembered

there is always more

when I think that I have grieved

there is always more


I am at a loss

I am in pain







positive thinking




my daughters

restore my heart




my friend

my friend
my lover

happy humble abode
cute cottage clarity
descends full fills into overspills
joyous symphony sillies
smiles savored over and over again

life is fine
it’s all good
in this hood

destiny delights insight
aforementioned joy
seen before dream score
scenes seen before

me and you
de ja vou
me and you

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I am alone most days
and I like it that way

most people piss me off you see
I have learned most want to be right
and they will fight with all there might
to hold onto they’re beliefs
and call it faith

religion is a crock of shit
I am done with it

don’t tell me who my God is
or is not

I know my God every day in the way
of prayer is not supplication
but just hanging with my higher power

I wish you well
with your visions of hell

I’ll be here in my own little slice of heaven

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all in good timing

when it seems that all goes wrong

take a deep breath and find your song

pause refreshing


releasing grief

enter a new life

soon enough

I’ve had it rough

but tides do turn

and it now the time

for me you see

God’s timing

might be different than mine

but I trust there is a reason

for every season

no matter what

my gray matter says

I trust the universe!

*P*E*A*C*E* AND *L*O*V*E*

peace through love bring happiness

always from the inside out

why is ist so hard to love our selves

we know ourselves too well for trust

this is how we learn to forgive

to love without condition

from the inside out



sophomoric musings
digestive juices growling
towards the flickering moon
what did she say

rose with no scent
like fake tits
in the hand

the disappointments of certain
orbits of my inner galaxy
planets collide

I can no longer hide
from myself