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I am alone most days
and I like it that way

most people piss me off you see
I have learned most want to be right
and they will fight with all there might
to hold onto they’re beliefs
and call it faith

religion is a crock of shit
I am done with it

don’t tell me who my God is
or is not

I know my God every day in the way
of prayer is not supplication
but just hanging with my higher power

I wish you well
with your visions of hell

I’ll be here in my own little slice of heaven

Posted via web from Andrea Starbird

Manifesto for Friendship

This is my manifesto for friendship
this is what I give
and I will accept nothing less
in any human beings I will actively interact with:
an active communion with the creator
free of religion and dogma
humans that have the courage to love
a deep knowledge that this is why we exist
to show and allow it to grow freely
not necessarily sharing sexually
if sex is not sacred I will keep it to myself
sex is only sanctified by love
emotional maturity with strength and conviction
the wisdom to seek relationships with depth
active pursuit of truth in every aspect of living
an all encompassing desire to get to the bottom line
an understanding of give more receive more
thus giving freely willingly lovingly actively
a true understanding that humility is the beginning of all wisdom