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I am alone most days
and I like it that way

most people piss me off you see
I have learned most want to be right
and they will fight with all there might
to hold onto they’re beliefs
and call it faith

religion is a crock of shit
I am done with it

don’t tell me who my God is
or is not

I know my God every day in the way
of prayer is not supplication
but just hanging with my higher power

I wish you well
with your visions of hell

I’ll be here in my own little slice of heaven

Posted via web from Andrea Starbird

To be Whole

am I a mystery to myself
45 years in this body and still not at home
clanking around in this flesh
this skin sheathed bucket of blood and bones

don’t we all want to go home
to be whole
complete what
evolving never ending opening unfolding
of spririt souring gliding into blue skies
life as seen through these blue eyes
has been a compilation of true grit
a blurry buzz of smiling crying
living dying dancing around

around again
I face myself
and love

it is not perfection we seek
but a perfect loving

Healthy Selfishness

I will serve myself from now on
my willingness to give myself away gone
romantic delusions scoured away
with myself is where I want to stay
no more bowing to the need to be
in a couple delusionally
I am an army of one I’m good with that
I have found myself and there’s no going back

I love myself just the way I am
no more bending backwards for any man
I won’t go back on this you see
I really love being me